Let’s Appreciate and Protect our Values.

We are always proud of our culture, historical places, architectural monuments, Masis, Sevan and our prominent people…But what would those prominent people say if they walked in the Armenian streets now, in the countryside or in the area near those cultural-historical places? Of course, they would feel sadness and sorrow seeing the garbage there… and the blue-eyed Sevan, which is the proud of Armenian people, is also waiting... and its turn has come…

On September 15, in the frames of  “Armenia without garbage” volunteer undertaking, actualized by «We can» (Let’s do it! Armenia) movement and as a follow-up of the training course «Environmental Education: Let’s be concerned!» held in France, the members of  “Serund Pan-Armenian Youth Center” and “Jayr” Pan- Armenian Youth Organization visited Sevan.

The aim of the visit was environmental.

The trees which appeared on the seaside after the lake level rise, were removed with the help of 50 young people.

The youth is sure that each person should appreciate and protect the values and also consider it his/her debt to take care of the environment and do it every day.  

... and here is the result!

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