Master Class:I Know that I Know Nothing (scio me nihil scire)

I Know that I Know Nothing
(scio me nihil scire)

On December 8, 2012 a Master Class named “I know that I know nothing” (scio me nihil scire) was given to Serund Pan-Armenian Youth Center members by  “Serund PYC” president Tigran Shadunts and co-head of Talent Development Department  Tina Balasanyan.

Socrates (Tigran Shadunts) and Hypatia of Alexandria (Tina) began the Master Class saying that they were there in order not to solely educate but to have fun. The idea of the event was to show how to achieve success in whatever a person is aiming to do. For that purpose, the structure of brain and its mechanisms were explained in a humorous and fun way. Every single phase of achieving a goal was discussed. 

The theme of the master class was 
“we do, we develop, we create, we transform and we use”.
 “Any organization needs ambitious people, who realize why they do what they do.”

For this, a person first of all needs organizational skills, which should be developed step by step. As stated in the course of the event, a person needs to find the right people to cooperate with and should always be in action.
 “Whenever you want to do something, you have to start doing. There is no other way around.”

The last part of the Master Class was aimed at representing an individual’s development in an organization. “As a newcomer, each member resembles a Dragon full of energy, ready to overcome any challenge and destined to win. After some time, after several achievements, there comes a moment where those dragons slow down, “noted Tigran Shadunts.  To be able to get over this, Shadunts proposed the “phenomenon of a hole”. The most essential way is to always remember that whatever you do, you should enjoy it, have fun with your idea and with its realization. If you again feel “like in a hole”, you can choose the idea of “meta-leadership”:  be involved in strategy planning of the organization.

 As a conclusion for the Master class, Tigran and Tina stressed, “When you have an idea, if you want to succeed, view your idea as an architect, and not just a coordinator”.

In the end, the participants of the Master Class by hands-on practical means showed how they perceived the information received during the event. Everybody agreed the Master Class was informative accompanied by humor and fun.

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