“Grow 2020’’ in Dilijan, Armenia

From 13-21 July, 2013 a member of Serund Pan Armenian Youth Center NGO participated in a project called “GROW 2020” in Dilijan, Armenia. 

This project was hosted by Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan(YCCD).   
The project gathered together 24 youth workers from Denmark, Czech Republic, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Lithuania, Georgia, Moldova, Italy, Greece, Spain. 

The project included mostly studying competences in coaching and empowering youth. A focus was put on personal and professional development, as well as employability and entrepreneurship. 
Great attention was put on creativity. Main part of training course was organized through games, which were mainly outdoors activities based on creativity, communication and personal development. 
A big emphasis was also  put on developing future development plans and follow-up projects.

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