Serund Pan-Armenian Youth Center participated in the SIEE project - 7 days non formal educational training programme in Cyprus. The training project was realized in the frame of EU programme “Youth in Action” 3.1 action. Serund PYC was presented by 4 participants and a trainer.
The project ''Social Inclusion for Empowering Employability'' aims to increase awareness on the topic of Social Inclusion and how is related to employability. All ten partners (Cyprus, Spain, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Albania) with 34 participants during the project week intend to show the power of social inclusion through Non formal Learning approaches, for enhancing employability.

Moreover, special attention and focus will be given to the relation of the empowerment of entrepreneurship, motivation and volunteering through NFL approaches for social inclusion for combating the marginalization and xenophobia and enhancing fruitful collaboration. 
Thus we aim to improve and develop participants competencies, positive attitudes and skills and provide new ideas for promoting active citizenship for young people, youth leaders, social and youth workers, bridge the social differences, enhance social inclusion and empower youngsters to improve their employability.
During and afterwards, the project aims to assist youth workers and young people to contribute effectively and positively in their community through the development of activities.

In this regards it intends to foster, develop and support youth initiatives, intercultural and gender collaboration and a strong representational youth voice in the service and decision-making life of their community, their region, in national and international basis. In that regard a variety of NFL activities are planned in order to involve actively the participants.

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