“Genetically modified organisms and healthy youth” in Sevan, Armenia 14-21 August 2013

On 14-21 August 2013  was held Youth exchange “Genetically modified organisms and healthy youth” in  Sevan,  Armenia. The GMO YE was a 8-day non formal educational youth exchange in Armenia, it includes participants from 8 countries. The youth exchange realized in the frame of EU programme “Youth in Action”.  The GMO YE aims to bring participants to environmental life, without city life.

This project was financed with the support of the European Commission.
This youth exchange is organized by “Serund Pan-Armenian Youth Center", a youth organization where people develop their leadership and organizational capacity through team work and exchange of experience.

This YE aims to broaden and foster the knowledge and information of the youth on GMO, its dissemination and its labeling, also to provide solid grounds for choosing healthy food and running a healthy lifestyle. Share their experience on GMO, Bio food and junk food and found out about quality and safety of food.

Cultural evenings gave the participants chance to cook their national dished using healthy food  and learn how to  cook national dishes of different nations. 

During the YE the participants from 8 countries- Armenia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine discovered the wide range of opportunities provided by healthy lifestyle and caring society. “GMO youth” opened new perspectives in knowledge of Youth in Action programme  for developing policies and opportunities.

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