World Water for Youth , Armenia, April 3 (2nd session day)

"World Water for Youth" is a youth exchange organized by Serund Pan-Armenian Youth Center". The project objective is to focus attention of young people on importance of freshwater resources and their preservation. Then sessions and workshops will take place  in  Armenia.
As always, our day began with breakfast.  After having a tasty hour, we went to the conference hall for a daily training. The topic of the day was “Safe Water”. The trainer of this topic was Mary Shukuryan. 

She explained  everything in details about the topic, then, during the training, like every day, we opened the gossip box. The next hour was full of joy and laughs; everyone had funny gossips about themselves. After the training, it was time for the groups to get together and discuss the issues of their presentations for the cultural evenings.

 Having  lunch and gaining a huge  energy ,  we began our session with the topic about   “Waste Water use “,   which was presented by Hovhannes Karapetyan.  His speech was about  global problems of wasting water and its possible solutions. During the debate many arguments and opinions were expressed and discussed by all project members.

 After  having a useful session the energizer team (Artashes and Irina) , according to their duties , made some energizers, which helped them to get some energy for the rest of the day. There were Ukrainian, Moldovian,  Italian and French cultural evening, where the guests  were introduced about their cultures, traditions and it was a great chance to exchange their  experience  and represent their  cuisines  to representatives of other countries.

Project financed by European Commission (Youth in Action)


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