World Water for Youth , Armenia, April 5 (4th session day)

"World Water for Youth" is a youth exchange organized by Serund Pan-Armenian Youth Center". The project objective is to focus attention of young people on importance of freshwater resources and their preservation. Then sessions and workshops will take place  in  Armenia.

Here we want to represent one of the special days spent in this project. Gathering together we planned our day taking into consideration all the suggestions made by the participants. After having our breakfast, which consisted of many delicious dishes, we went to the conference hall and had sessions concerning to illnesses and diseases caused by water.

 It gave us a chance to revise all we knew and learn many new things. Afterwards we had debates, which also helped participants to get involved in the project, feel much better and make time unforgettable and surely to gain as much knowledge as possible. So it is pretty good to make debates, as it gives a chance to each participant apply and share experience.

The thing that is considerable in this project is that we get opportunity to get knowledge about something which is used in our life and actually no human being can imagine his life without it. In the end of the day Project team evaluated all the steps made during day. After a hard work all members, who were divided into groups, went to enjoy their evening.

Project realized  with the support of the Youth in Action programme of the European Union

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