World Water for Youth , Armenia, April 2 (1st session day)

"World Water for Youth" is a youth exchange organized by Serund Pan-Armenian Youth Center". The project objective is to focus attention of young people on importance of freshwater resources and their preservation. Then sessions and workshops will take place  in  Armenia. The target group is formed of 45 youth workers, trainers, youth leaders from 9 countries: Armenia, Portugal, Ukraine,  Greece, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Georgia.

The day began with a very tasty breakfast, and after enjoying it, we went to the conference hall to get acquainted with each other. After that the director of the project (Tigran Shadunts) introduced the project, which, actually, was the opening of the project. The organizers explained the main objectives of the project. There were six teams (energizer team, project team, media team, trainers team, events team  punish team and gossip team), which, according to their positions, were following their responsibilities. After a while, the team of energizers ( Artashes and Irina) offered a good energizer. Then  we had lunch.

 The session about the importance of water for men was introduced by trainer Mary  Shukuryan, who explained the global problems of water and expressed her concerns.  The groups asked many questions and shared their experience that they had had in their countries. 

 During the day we had a very interesting topic to discuss. The topic was introduced by Mary Shukuryan who had a speech about “Water resources of Armenia” and talked about related legends. Another energizer was made and  after that and members of the project enjoyed it very much. Then they had dinner. One of the most important parts of the first day was “Masquerade party”. All of the members enjoyed their time and had a very friendly and happy night.

Project financed by European Commission (Youth in Action)

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